My current line of work faces me to be in front 3 computer monitors for over 6 hours per day. I saw my vision deteriorate and knew immediately what was causing it. Eye strain can be caused by many things, but in my case, blue rays emitted from my 3 digital screens were the the cause of my fatigued eyes. I immediately went searching for glasses that will help alleviate eye strain. I came across Gamma Ray 801 and after reading the reviews decided to give them a shot.


First, for $10 you can’t go wrong. The are very inexpensive and does just as good a job as a more expensive pair. Second, the glasses does what they say it would do. The Amber tinted lenses minimizes Digital Eye Strain caused by harmful blue rays emitted from digital screens. I noticed my eyes feeling less tired. Additionally, I also noticed that my eyes are not so red after an 8 hour shift. Third, the glasses are stylish and very comfortable. Make sure you pay attention to the size. They come in three sizes tailored for small (C1), medium (C2), and large (C3) faces. I have an average sizes face and should have gotten a medium (C2), but did not read the description good enough and got a small (C1). Lucky for me, the small fits great. Lastly, the glasses are study enough for daily use IF you treat them delicately. I can’t stress enough the fact that you have to treat these glasses with care. They are not heavy duty glasses you can take on an adventure.


First, they are not the sturdiest pair of glasses you fill find on the market so treat them with care. I wear mine daily and treat them with care when cleaning. Second, the lens do smug very easily. They do take a little more time to clean, but it does not bother me. I’ve read that the leans can pop out; that has not happened to me. I have neither drop or applies any external force on my glasses, so I can’t tell you what it will take to break them.


Overall, for the price, these Gamma Ray 801 glasses exceeded my expectation. I honestly expected them not to work and to fall apart after a week of usage. When I return home from this deployment, I will purchase a pair for my wife and kids. I would recommend these glasses to my friends and family.



***Disclosure: I did receive a free pair of the Gamma Ray 801 AFTER purchasing my first pair with the agreement that I will post my unbiased feedback***    


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